Who is behind this blog? Why do you do it?

My name is Jeff Marinstein. Cloud computing, Big Data, and the proliferation of mobile devices are changing our world rapidly. Traditional methods of protecting IT and information must change and adapt. I hope that my work and research focused on cloud, resilience, analytics, and the optimization of cloud resources will help corporations become more resilient.

What’s your background?

From 2007-2015 I was the global head of Strategy, Product Management, and Business Development for IBM’s Disaster Recovery business. During this time I led IBM’s entry into the SaaS storage business and the transformation of IBM’s DR business into the cloud era. Over 20 years ago I began studying  disasters and how they affect business. The result was a management consulting firm (Contingency Planning Research) serving many of the world’s top companies, and pioneering work in the development of methods for business continuity.

What can we learn about in your blog?

The IT world is witnessing its most dramatic re-platforming event ever; the rise of Cloud computing and explosion of big data. Innovation is occurring at a pace never before witnessed. My blog will help make sense of these changes and provide practical ideas to help you build a resilient enterprise. In this blog I’ll share thoughts about:

  • why traditional disaster recovery is dying and resilience is rising?

  • the role of Cloud computing

  • data analytic solutions and the future of resilience

  • industry dynamics - emerging vendors and new innovations

  • case studies in resilience

  • challenges on the path to resilience

  • academic insights in risk, cyber-security, and analytics

  • why I’m bad at poker - what’s game theory got to do with it?

What are you doing now?

I’ll leave that to LinkedIn